Episode 1 - The Caesarean Loophole

Mr Trapp, Mr Wood and Miss Startin discuss the role of the witches in Macbeth - malevolent force or just mischievous spirits?

Episode 2 - Glittering Twinklyness

Sorry for the echo, but here we discuss the power of nature in Storm on the Island and The Prelude!

Episode 3 - Is Edna Dead?

Left to their own devices, Mr Trapp and Mr Wood discuss An Inspector Calls with specific focus on the ambiguous end of the play.

Episode 4 - Scrooge's Miracle Cure

Mr Trapp and Mr Wood explore what made Scrooge such a miserable fellow in this episode and explore how you can get top grades despite the simplicity of the text.

Episode 5 - Brothels and Opium

Miss Startin is back and joins Mr Trapp and Mr Wood in a discussion about Stevenson's Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Episode 6 - Ostensibly Frollicking

Mr Trapp, Mr Wood and Miss Startin get stuck into Blake's London from the AQA Anthology and talk for far too long about frollicking.

Episode 7 - Gotta Kill Your Wife

Finally Mr Wood, Miss Startin and Mr Trapp get stuck into an A Level text! It's Othello. And it is a meaty one.

Episode 8 - 10 Things I Hate About Romeo And Juliet

Mr Trapp, Miss Startin and Mr Wood get stuck into Romeo and Juliet and Mr Trapp can't hide his disdain!

Episode 9 - The Reading Dictatorship

Mr Trapp and Mr Wood are joined by Miss Soukal-Walsh to discuss their favourite books. Mr Trapp gets passionate about horror while Mr Wood gets all philosophical.