Season 2


S2 Ep 4 - Boys, Kebabs and Violence

Mr Trapp talks to Edutwitter legend Matt Pinkett about his wonderful book, boys' reading habits, boys' engagement in English and Kebabs. A brilliant discussion on the pressures facing boys in our classrooms.

S2 Ep 3 - Death and badness

Mr Trapp, Miss Startin and Mr Wood discuss the merits of the war poems of the AQA anthology. It isn't a cheery number...

S2 Ep 2 - The Method Poet

Mr Trapp talks to poet and spoken word performer Ash Dickinson; an engaging and hilarious tour through the world of poetry stopping off at cricket, toxic masculinity and surrealism.

S2: Ep1 - The British Scooby Doo

In his never ending quest to promote reading, Mr Trapp chats to star of stage and screen and crime novelist, Robert Daws about the books that got him reading and his influences.

Season 1


Episode 9 - The Reading Dictatorship

Mr Trapp and Mr Wood are joined by Miss Soukal-Walsh to discuss their favourite books. Mr Trapp gets passionate about horror while Mr Wood gets all philosophical.

Episode 8 - 10 Things I Hate About Romeo And Juliet

Mr Trapp, Miss Startin and Mr Wood get stuck into Romeo and Juliet and Mr Trapp can't hide his disdain!

Episode 7 - Gotta Kill Your Wife

Finally Mr Wood, Miss Startin and Mr Trapp get stuck into an A Level text! It's Othello. And it is a meaty one.

Episode 6 - Ostensibly Frollicking

Mr Trapp, Mr Wood and Miss Startin get stuck into Blake's London from the AQA Anthology and talk for far too long about frollicking.

Episode 5 - Brothels and Opium

Miss Startin is back and joins Mr Trapp and Mr Wood in a discussion about Stevenson's Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Episode 4 - Scrooge's Miracle Cure

Mr Trapp and Mr Wood explore what made Scrooge such a miserable fellow in this episode and explore how you can get top grades despite the simplicity of the text.

Episode 3 - Is Edna Dead?

Left to their own devices, Mr Trapp and Mr Wood discuss An Inspector Calls with specific focus on the ambiguous end of the play.

Episode 2 - Glittering Twinklyness

Sorry for the echo, but here we discuss the power of nature in Storm on the Island and The Prelude!

Episode 1 - The Caesarean Loophole

Mr Trapp, Mr Wood and Miss Startin discuss the role of the witches in Macbeth - malevolent force or just mischievous spirits?